Hello World!

Hello world,

[Hip, Hip] 😀 FIRST POST!!! What to say? I’d tell you a programming joke, but the only one I know is my code.

Welcome to code blooded nerd *waves*


*awkwardly stands in the corner*

I’m not sure quite what to say in my first post. I feel like I’m at a mixer and I know no one.

Should I talk? I need to say something witty. Quick, think of something witty to say! Shoot, I’m losing you. Ummm, the weather! How about that weather? It’s been getting warmer in the northern hemisphere. Almost summer. *stares awkwardly*

Umm, well I’m going to go now, I have work tomorrow and I shouldn’t stay out too late. Have a good evening 🙂


*Geek crashing in*

Oh, uh, it seems Mme. Nerd has warmly welcomed you in. Ummm…*awkward silence*… Bye!

*Haphazardly rush out like the room was on fire*